About Crystal Lake, Iowa

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Welcome to Crystal Lake, Iowa! A small town in north central Iowa established in 1898 that is today a good, solid community with a population of approximately 300.

The Lake

The lake in Crystal Lake was recently dredged providing deeper waters in the lake. Before the dredging, the lake was perhaps 6 feet deep at it’s deepest point. The dredged occured over a two year period, and was dredged using a tier effect. It was dredged to 22ft on the deepest tier, then going up to 18 feet, 12 feet, and 8 feet respectively. The initial push for the dredging of Crystal Lake began in 1991, and after several years of fundraising and community efforts, it was completed in 2007.

Fun Facts

  • Crystal Lake, Iowa was established in 1898.
  • The “World’s Largest Bullhead” statue was constructed in 1958 by Carl Frick
  • A dance pavilion was built on the lake in the early 1900’s, although it only existed for a short time.
  • A tornado went through town in 1951 damaging 75% of homes in town.
  • Crystal Lake has had 4 hotels and 3 newspapers in the past.
  • Crystal Lake had a Creamery that opened in 1894 and operated for 73 years.
  • The dredging of Crystal Lake was completed in 2007.


If you would like your business added to the list below, please contact us.

Sheri’s Southside Store
125 N State Ave

Sam’s Hair Care & More
155 S State Ave

Crystal Lake Bar & Grill
130 S State Ave

Jim’s Electrical
145 N State Ave

Crystal Lake Masonry
145 S State Ave.

Manufacturer’s Bank & Trust
160 S State Ave

Little Faces Daycare – Marje Peterson
335 S Lake Ave

Bruce Kluver Trucking

Rocky Creek Campground

Memorable Images by Heather

Lifetime Nut Covers, Inc.

U.S. Postal Service
210 S State Ave.
PO Box 9998

Larson Automotive

Peck Electric

Kathy’s Beauty Salon

Kluver Community Center
120 5th St E

Avalon Rose Design

City Council


Shari Hagen

City Clerk

Jan Haugland

Council Members

Oly Maas
Laura Blocker
Samantha Corsaro
Russell Helm
Les Leibrand

City Maintenance

Brad Haugland

Water and Sewer Superintendent

David Low
905 S Lincoln
Lake Mills, IA 50450

City Attorney

David Fenchel
95 Main Ave. S.
Britt, IA 50423


Calvary Lutheran Church
215 E 2nd Street

United Methodist Church
215 S Summit Ave